Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No. 15 - 2011 Year in Pictures

- by Bill Urbanski

January seems to have passed in the blink of an eye and we are well into 2012.  But I did not want to leave 2011 behind without one last look at the year that was - in pictures:

24. August - with Patrick, David and Maraya in Yellowstone N.P. after our bid to climb the Grand Teton. Patrick's Suzuki Grand Vitara served us well on a cross country grand adventure.

23. April - covering President Jimmy Carter during the "Plains (GA) helping Plains (PA)" event.

22. April - Yosemite Tweetup. The nightly campfire with a great group of climbing friends.

 21. August - with Jim Whittaker, 1st American to summit Everest, at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, Utah.

20. September - Rock Monster in Grand Junction, Colorado.

 19. September - From the summit of Independence Monument, Grand Junction, Colorado. My first desert tower.

18. November - Foo Fighters show in Philly. Best rock band on the planet.

17. May - Stonebridge Vineyard expansion. Planting Reisling at Urbanski Farms with my uncle.

16. August - On the set of Martin Bowsfield. My first movie role - with Cinematographer Jake Danna Stevens and Director Jon YonKondy.

15. July - Passing of the flag to John Mitchler after hosting the Highpointer's Konvention in Ohio.

14. May - Rock climbing at New River Gorge, West Virginia during the Rendezvous.

13. November - "Mullen" show (U2 tribute). Pat Flynn and John Smith at their best.

12. October - Chimney/Climbing Wall project at the farm continues. A labor of love.

11. April - Entering Yosemite with Liz and Patrick for the climbing tweetup.

10. August/September - Farm flooding. Hurricane Irene and T.S. Lee devastate farm and cause evacuation of Wyoming Valley.

 9. August - Return to the Summit of Devils Tower, Wyoming. Clear skies this time.

8. February - Sap buckets heading to the sugar bush at the beginning of a record year of maple syrup production at Urbanski Farms.

7. August - Sturgis, South Dakota Motorcycle Rally. A "must do" on life's checklist.

6. August - Climbing party (with Patrick, Maraya and David) after summit bid of the Grand Teton.

5. January - Atop the summit block. Winter ascent of Mt. Marcy, New York's highest peak.

4. August - Rock climbing in Fremont Canyon, Wyoming, above the North Platte River.

3. July - Bouldering at Rock City, Kansas in 110 degree heat.

2. August - 13,000 feet on the Grand Teton in Wyoming.

1. September - Leading the final pitch on Independence Monument, Grand Junction, Colorado.

 Bring on 2012...