Wednesday, January 5, 2011

No. 6 - 2010 Year in Pictures

- by Bill Urbanski

    I resisted the urge and finally decided -- I'm not doing resolutions, period.  I tried last year, I think for the very first time, and it was a miserable failure.  Here's a prime example from my 2010 list: "No. 5: Drink more Yoo-hoo."

    Well, Yoo-hoo turned into "Woo-hoo!" instead. There was a whole lot of excitement for me in 2010.  It truly was a year of adventure.  So before I look ahead to 2011, I'm going to take a moment to look back at 2010 - in pictures. Here are my top 20 pictures from 2010.

20 - Looking down 1300 ft. through the glass box floor at Willis Tower in Chicago in November.

19 - Whiskey Rebels (Billy O'Banski and Seamus MacStochla) performing in Scranton on St. Patrick's Day.
18 - Working "I-Beam" in April, a 5.11a classic climb at my local crag. Need to lead it clean in 2011.
17 - Annual trek to DC for Independence Day.  At the Lincoln Memorial, post fireworks.

16 - Campbell Hill, highest point in Ohio. Proving it truly is a "drive-up."  P.S. I'm hosting the Highpointer Club Convention here July 14-16. You're all invited.

15 - Highpointer Club Convention was in Mississippi in 2010. Tough to find things to climb down in the southland

14 - Defended my title at Hazleton's Trot 'n Brew in August.  Record field of nearly 600. Team sponsors behind me, not my competition ;-)

13 - Underground Saints - good friends, great musicians. Released their debut album "Broken Machines" in May.

12 - Meeting Rudy in July. Turns out he's a Yankee fan too.
11 - Sunset at Loon Mountain during the Nor'Easter in September.  Great climbing / music event with some great friends.
10 - Corn field at Urbanski Farms. Representative of the bountiful harvest we had in 2010.
9 - On Denali in June, looking back at my rope team as we climb Motorcycle Hill.  Camp at 11,200' and the Kahiltna Glacier can be seen below.
8 - About to flail on "Congratulations" 5.11a on the Thin Wall at Joshua Tree National Park in November.  1st day of the JTreeTweetup - absolutely loved it!
7 - Me, Patrick and Aleya pose for "The Band Shot" at the state line in August.  On our way to climb Devils Tower.
6 - Dave down climbing towards the "Crow's Nest" on "The Maiden," a classic Flatirons climb with a 110-foot free-air rappel from the summit.
5 - Free solo of "Aguille de Joshua Tree" - during the JTreeTweeup in November.
4 - Devils Tower, Wyoming, illuminated by the fading rays after our summit on 8-9-10.
3 - Team photo of "TZT2" with our gear - on the Talkeetna, AK airstrip prior to our assault on Denali.
2 - Patrick Gensel, 300 feet off the deck and in a lightning storm during Devils Tower descent. Very privileged to be there to take this shot.  Very fortunate to get down safely and be able to share this.
1. Traversing the "Sidewalk in the Sky" at 17,000 feet on Denali on our way to high camp.  Mt. Foraker, Alaska's second highest peak is at the upper left of the frame.
2011 - here I come!


  1. Great photos bill, glad I was there for some of them. here's to a even more adventurous 2011.


  2. thanks Patrick. It's been a pleasure sharing those adventures with you. Here's to many more. It's a big world out there.